25 Gifts for Gardeners Who Have Everything

If you have a gardener on your gift list, this will be the easiest gift you’ve ever had to select and purchase! Truly, there is no such thing as the gardener who has everything. There are always new tools being invented, new gardening books written and new plants developed. If your gift giving is during the growing season, a new plant would always be welcome! But if it is the middle of winter, there are lots of gifts for gardeners that will be welcome in the off-season or when the season arrives.

Gardeners love to grow. Whether they concentrate on flowers or vegetables or both, most gardeners are in tune with the seasons and nature. They will happily receive any gift that makes gardening more fun or more efficient, as well as things that help them enjoy their yard more.

1. Garden Bench. Every garden should have a bench or seating. It will be perfect for the gardener to take a short break when working or even to sit and decide what needs to be done each day. It’s not a bad place to enjoy a morning cup of coffee while admiring the garden either.

2. Gloves. No gardener ever thought they had enough garden gloves. They wear out eventually and need to be replaced. They often get wet and a fresh dry pair would be great. It’s nice to have a pair of gloves set aside to wear when the gardener is applying pesticides or for fertilizing. Gloves range from the inexpensive cotton style to leather gauntlet style gloves for heavy-duty work.

3. Spade Fork. This is a tool that many gardeners don’t have, but once they do, they wonder how they got along without one. This garden fork has strong flat tines, so it is great for turning soil, digging out deep-rooted weeds and turning compost. It is also the best for digging out root crops like potatoes, carrots and beets.

4. Compost Container. This container is meant to hold kitchen waste until you can take it outside to your bin. They come in many cute designs as well as stainless steel models or ceramic containers. They have a lid to prevent odors as well as to prevent bugs like fruit flies. Many have a filter as well. This is a useful convenience for the gardener/cook.

5. Compost Bin. If your gardener is finding turning the compost pile more difficult, a perfect gift is a compost bin. This is a barrel type container that has a crank to turn it. As the bin revolves, the composting material is mixed. This is much easier than having to turn the compost with a fork or shovel. Another advantage is that the composting material is completely enclosed in the barrel, so there is no danger of attracting pests, like squirrels or rabbits.

6. Gardening Books. This is a good gift at any time, but especially at Christmas. January and February are slow months for gardeners and the perfect time to enjoy a book on new techniques or new plants. A book on garden design is fun to read when planning next summer’s gardens. And don’t forget books on canning and preserving, as well as good cookbooks that focus on vegetables.

7. Garden Apron. A garden apron is constructed from heavy-duty fabric and has lots of pockets for tools, seed packs, etc. There are also some designed with a stretchy fabric to allow you to fill it with the produce you are picking for that day’s meal. Another alternative to the apron is a design that fits over a five-gallon pail. This apron has pockets that hang over the outside of the bucket and can hold all your tools. This design frees up the bucket interior to carry your produce.

8. Row Markers. These are really nice to have, and there are many styles. Some are metal and look similar to what you would see to identify plants in a botanical garden. They also come in ceramic. Some have space to mark the exact variety you are growing, while others just say the basic vegetable name. These are very helpful if you have planted something that takes a little longer to germinate. It assures you that you did plant seeds there and didn’t miss a spot! Especially nice is a set of markers with the names of herbs for your herb garden.

9. Wheelbarrow. If you have a gardener on your gift list, how about getting them a new wheelbarrow? Not just any wheelbarrow but a self-propelled wheelbarrow! These work like a self-propelled lawn mower and can make the job so much easier. They are battery-powered and can carry a load of up to 200 lbs. This wheelbarrow is great for carrying pavers, compost and anything else that is bulkier or heavy.

10. Hammock. The grass is mowed, and the garden is weeded. What better way to reward your gardener for all their work than with a hammock? Add a few pillows and a good book on gardening for an awesome afternoon relaxing.

11. Leaf Blower. When fall leaves start dropping, a good leaf blower can make easy work of cleanup without having to rake. Battery-operated models eliminate dragging a cord or the need to use a gasoline engine. These work great for cleaning grass clippings off the driveway and sidewalks, too. If you live in the North, these leaf blowers also work great when you get a light dusting of snow. It’s not enough to shovel or snow blow, but becomes treacherously slippery if not removed. The leaf blower does a great job on light snow.

12. Weed Torch. There is something satisfying about killing weeds this way. No bending, no digging, no pulling and no poison chemicals. Just attach a small propane tank to the weed torch and the gardener can show those weeds who’s boss.

13. Rain Gauge. It’s important to know how much rain has actually fallen in the garden, and a good rain gauge will do just that. The gauges come in various sizes, but the important factor is the measurements should be easy to read. Rain gauges come with all different style holders–some are strictly functional, while others are actually a garden sculpture.

14. Vertical Planters. Any gardener would enjoy planting in one of these, but they are especially nice for someone gardening on a patio or balcony. They are like a tower of stacked planting compartments and take very little floor space. Plant different vegetables in each pocket. Some gardeners use them as an herb garden. These work great for things like strawberries also. Put one plant in each pocket. When your strawberries are ready to harvest, they will be clean and easy to pick!

15. Birdbath. Most gardeners are also interested in attracting birds and pollinators to their yard. A beautiful birdbath can help provide water to the birds, but also bring interest to the garden. Birdbaths come in all different styles and sizes.

16. Bird Bath Accessories. A heater for the birdbath will allow the gardener to attract birds all winter with water that doesn’t freeze. Some birds prefer moving water and would enjoy a recirculating fountain in the birdbath. Some of these are now available with small solar panels so there is no need for electric cords.

17. Hummingbird Feeders. Hummingbirds are always welcome in the garden and one way to attract them is to provide food. This is especially important in the early spring when there aren’t a lot of flowers blooming yet. Choose a feeder that is easy to take apart for cleaning. It’s important to keep the hummingbird feeder clean and prevent mold, which can kill the tiny hummingbirds.

18. Hori Hori Knife. This is a garden tool that is becoming more popular among gardeners. It is a multipurpose hand tool that has a sharp edge and a serrated edge. It can be used as a knife and for digging in the soil, planting bulbs or digging weeds. It comes with a protective sheath for carrying.

19. Garden Kneeler. These are multipurpose aids for any gardener, but especially the older gardener. The padded kneeler makes it possible to work at ground level in comfort. When it is time to stand, there are handles on each side to help. Flip the kneeler over and the handles become legs and the kneeler becomes a seat.

20. Ergonomic Hand Tools. If you have a gardener on your gift list who is suffering from some arthritis, a set of ergonomic hand tools can make a big difference for them. These tools are designed for comfort as well as efficient functioning and can make a big difference for the gardener.

21. Hose Guides. There is nothing worse than trying to set up the hose for watering and having the hose knock over some of your plants. Hose guides can help prevent that from happening. These come in different styles and heights so you are sure to find the right one for your gardener.

22. Spray Wand. These tools for watering have a nice long neck so you can easily reach under the foliage to water the soil. The force of the spray is also adjustable to prevent
damage to tender seedlings or plants.

23. Bird Houses or Roosting Pockets. Roosting pockets are open-sided structures that small birds can use for shelter and for protection from bigger birds. They are great for
chickadees and goldfinches as well as other small birds. Bird houses will attract birds to the yard and birds can eat a lot of insects like mosquitoes. There isn’t a gardener alive who wouldn’t like to have fewer mosquitoes!

24. Raised Table Height Gardens. These are raised beds on legs. They are perfect for the wheelchair gardener or any gardener who can’t go to ground level. These can be
purchased, but the plans are also available for anyone with some basic carpentry skills. If you have a gardener on your gift list who is having to give up gardening because of
physical limitations, this may be the best gift ever.

25. A Garden Potting Bench. These also can be purchased, or they can be built with plans requiring basic building skills. Most gardeners make do with working on any raised
surface when starting seeds or repotting a houseplant. How great a gift to have a garden work bench with room for tools, bins for soil and storage for pots.

These are all gifts that any gardener would appreciate. Whether it is a backup to something your gardener has or a replacement for a tool that is worn out, your gardener will love your gift. Every gardener loves to try out the latest tools and try new ideas to experiment within their garden. It’s always fun to try something new or improve the look of the garden with accessories.

And if you are skilled with building or painting, you can also make some of these things for your gardener. From painting row signs to building a garden bench, your work will be a perfect gift that’s enjoyed for years on end.


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