Citation filed against Adamovsky for IOOF damages

The Oil City code enforcement office has filed a citation against Milan Adamovsky whose IOOF building on Seneca Street hasn’t been repaired more than a month after a storm took part of the roof off the building, causing damage to another nearby building.

The summary citation for “dangerous structures or premises” for the IOOF building at 220 to 222 Seneca, commonly known as the Odd Fellows building, was issued Friday.

The property is one of several Adamovsky purchased in late 2020 and early 2021 when he unveiled grand plans for the city. Those ideas have since fizzled and Adamovsky has gone silent.

The citation notes that following a storm on April 1, the IOOF building has been neglected to the point of becoming a public nuisance and is unsanitary with mold and mildew on the inside.

The citation says that as of Friday, only plywood underlayment is covering about a quarter of the rear roof of the building, providing no protection.

The entire roof is required to be inspected by officials and results presented to the city, the citation says.

Adamovsky was already facing code violations on four of the five buildings he owns, including the Odd Fellows, that are unrelated to the storm and which he has ignored for several months.

Part of the roof of the IOOF building blew off in the April storm and damaged the neighboring Seneca Court roof, causing that building to be evacuated of its tenants. Seneca Court was quickly repaired and the tenants moved back.

Concerns were also raised at the April 27 Oil City Council meeting that more of the roof could blow off in a future storm.

It was noted at the council meeting that a 20 by 16 foot piece of the roof flew off, struck part of the parapet on the building and knocked it down, then flew over another building and landed on the Seneca Court building, causing significant damage to the roof.

Council scheduled a nuisance meeting to follow the June 8 council meeting if Adamovsky failed to rectify the situation with code violations on the property by May 4. Based on the citation filed May 5, he didn’t rectify the code issues by May 4, so the nuisance meeting will proceed.

Adamovsky bought the National Fuel building at 308 Seneca St, the IOOF building and the Grandview Estates building at 202 Center St in December 2020.

Then in February 2021, he closed the deal on 217 Seneca St. and 106 Center St., a corner building that previously housed the Rosen, Rosen and Varsek law offices.

Adamovsky held three town hall meetings in the former Grandview Estates building in early 2021 to outline his visions, but very little has been seen or heard of him since.