Elk and more


A bull elk and cow are seen at the Woodring Farm in Benezette.

A trip last week to Benezette in Elk County included some elk sightings and beautiful scenic views. While waiting for the elk to make an appearance, a stop at Woodring Farm provided a fall backdrop and good butterfly viewing. The farm was purchased by the Pennsylvania Game Commission with the some financial assistance from The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. It features a walking trail and scenic overlook. Its fields have been planted with flowers and plants that attract butterflies and elk. This apparently is a success as the afternoon brought at least half a dozen monarchs and the evening saw that many or more elk. A few elk were spotted at the Elk County Visitor Center which offers horse-drawn wagon rides into the viewing area. Elk also appear on and alongside the road which can create a bit of a traffic delay.


An elk is seen at the Woodring Farm in Benezette.



An elk is seen at the Woodring Farm in Benezette.



A monarch butterfly feeds on flowers at the Woodring Farm.



Plants and flowers have been planted at Woodring Farm to attract elk and butterflies.



Fall foliage is seen from the overlook at Woodring Farm.



Trees line the walking path at Woodring Farm.



Elk enjoy a roadside snack.



The Elk County Visitor Center offers horse-drawn wagon rides.


Crazy Critters


Kennedy and Kyle (goats) discovered acorns in the neighbor’s yard so Buford and Sherman (dogs) decided they needed to check out the area as well.


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