Frolicking in the fog

Kyle finds his way in the fog Sunday.

After last week’s snowfall, warmer and more humid air moved in and fogged things up a bit.


Sherman takes a break from wading through the snow last week.


Kyle receives a coating of snow last week.

However, the colder, drier air returned for the beginning of this week, along with the sun.


Kennedy looks for some twigs to eat.

Whatever is going on outside, the Applegate pets (except the cats) seem to weather the conditions.


The neighbor’s pond is seen through the fog on Sunday.


Sherman sits against a foggy backdrop.


Sadie patrols around the neighbor’s pond.


Sadie emerges out of the fog to sneak up on Sherman.


A creek by the neighbor’s pond is seen Monday.

A Walk in the Woods contains photos from newsroom staffer Anna Applegate’s daily jaunts around her neck of the woods. Tagging along on the treks are dogs, Buford, Sherman and Sadie, and goats, Kyle and Kennedy. Applegate manages the Good Times and can be emailed at