Pet of the Day 05/24/24

Jarvis (Jarvy) was abandoned in an apartment where he had to fend for himself. He is now ready for a home of his own. He does not like to share so he needs to be an only dog. He loves to cuddle and thinks he should be a lap dog. He knows a few commands, sit and down. He walks well on a leash. Jarvis would do ok with teenagers that have been around dogs before. Jarvis would make a great first dog for a young woman.

Jarvis spent 24 hours at a Slumber Party. He had his nails painted, his hair dyed and cuddled overnight with his person. It was the best 24 hours Jarvy has had at the rescue. He loved the attention and all the extra cuddles he got. Jarvis’s ideal home would be one with a soft couch to sleep and cuddle on. Someone that will take him outside once in awhile to smell the world. He doesn’t need to walk miles every day, just a short walk to do his business would make him happy.