Powderpuff Boys Volleyball

Abby Kreidler coaching her Juniors team last year. (Contributed photo)
Student contributor

Last year, Junior Exec at Oil City High School had decided to try out something called Powder Puff Volleyball for the boys in our district since the girls had Powder Puff Football.

Since it worked out well last year, and everyone enjoyed it so much, the game again this year. All students in grades 9-12 are allowed to participate.

Participating students must have a signed permission paper and pay $12 to get a shirt for the game. Each grade will get a different colored shirt, but they all have the same design. The colors are decided by Junior Exec.

Every grade will be coached by members of the Oil City Girls Volleyball team in that grade, so 9th will coach 9th, 10th will coach 10th, etc..

The first round will be the seniors against the sophomores and the juniors against the freshman. They both will play two games. Whoever wins those games will play for the championship. That game will also be first to score 25 points, but it will only be one game. Whoever wins that game will be the champions of the “Powder Puff Volleyball Game 2022”.

Last year, the juniors took home the trophy. Will it be the same outcome, or will something unexpected happen?


Abigail Kreidler is a student at Oil City High School and a member of the school’s Oiler News staff.