To make matters worse

Clarion PAWS is reaching out to the community for help and several fundraisers will help folks get a jump on their Christmas shopping.

Stop the suffering


Kittens illegally dumped at Clarion PAWS in Shippenville.

While Clarion PAWS of Shippenville is so full that it is no longer taking in any more cats, several kittens were dumped at the shelter earlier this week.

“At this time we are struggling at the PAWS house. With 87 feline residents plus an additional 20 looking for outdoor or indoor/outdoor homes it is time consuming to clean and care for them,” the shelter posted.

“We also have no room for anyone new and it breaks our heart to say no to people who call, email, or message us. However, please know that it is illegal and unsafe to just dump cats on us or anyone, like what was done to these poor kittens today,” PAWS said.

“Because of today’s events we would like to share why we have to say ‘no’ to taking your cat, or your cat’s kittens and why if your cat is not fixed it needs to be. Even if it is a stray or feral in your community, not your cat like we hear often, it needs to be fixed to stop the overpopulation and suffering,” the shelter said.

Every day the shelter needs three to five volunteers to help clean and care for feline residents. Most days the shelter only has one or two volunteers, three if it is lucky.

“Our residents are stressed and need more attention along with the required daily care,” the shelter said.

Monthly expenses for utilities, taxes, insurance and maintenance average $900 a month, according to the shelter.

“Thankfully, we normally get enough donations of Purina Cat and Kitten Chow to feed everyone,” the shelter said.

However, the shelter still faces costs for litter, vet expenses, medicine and vaccine costs. The shelter reported that those costs are $7,900 so far this year. That total does not include all of the spay and neuter surgeries, testing for FELV and FIV, deworming and flea treatments for all new arrivals. Those costs average anywhere from $75 to $100 per cat depending on their gender.

“After all the care they get, we ask a minimal adoption fee of $35 for adults and $70 for kittens and are often told that is too much,” the shelter posted.

“We need community support now more than ever! Adopt, volunteer, donate, sponsor a spay or neuter, and please spread the word. Spay and neuter is the only solution,” the shelter posted.

The shelter has some felines looking for a few good laps.



Eddy, unlike his siblings, has long hair and can be a bit bashful. That is until he realizes you have an open lap to lay on and share his love with you, the shelter posted.



Matt used to be shy, however now he always wants to know what is going on. Matt wants to be a lap warmer when he is needed and take lots of naps in the sun when he isn’t, the shelter said.

Clarion PAWS is located at 11348 Route 322, Shippenville, Clarion River Hill, between Scrap Happy and Clarion Electric.

The adoption center is open from 5 to 7 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays and from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturdays. The center is closed Fridays and Sundays. More information is available online at, the group’s Facebook page or by calling (814) 229-1231.

Making a list



Safehaven Small Breed Rescue of Tionesta is making a list and checking it twice. The rescue has posted some holiday photos of its residents and their needs on its Facebook page. Folks can sponsor a dog or certain items for each dog.

Here is a link to its Amazon Wish List:

People may also donate directly to the rescue’s vet for the medical care of one of these rescues. People can contact Titusville Veterinary Clinic, 4796 State Route 8, Titusville, PA 16354.

Staci is one of Safehaven’s dogs that folks can sponsor. She is also available for adoption.

“Staci is a sweet old girl of 10 years, who spent most of her life as breeding stock. She still carries some fear issues but, for the most part, she loves life and everyone she meets. Because of her full coat, Staci doesn’t need a sweater, she wears her’s year round. For a dog her age, she is fairly active, playing with the other rescues or exploring the yard. She absolutely loves the natural chew treats, like cow or lamb ears, bully sticks and the like. The only thing she is not permitted to have is rawhide, none of the rescues are. Staci is one of the few rescues here now that is available for adoption to the right person. After a failed placement, we want to be sure that if she is placed again, she will have the forever home we want for her,” the rescue posted.

Safehaven Small Breed Rescue is located at 318 Barber Drive, Tionesta. It can be reached by phone at (814) 463-5004 or email at More information about the rescue is available on its website at or on its Facebook page.

Giving and receiving


Christy Fackler with Precious Paws posted about her foster Rosy earlier this week. “Rosy is a bit tired after getting spayed today. It was a rough day. She is still looking for her forever home,” Fackler posted.

Precious Paws Animal Rescue in Franklin wants to help folks out with their Christmas shopping. It has an online auction underway until Nov. 20. The auction page is located at People can look through the photo album titled November 2016 Auction.

The auction is to help replenish the Oscar Fund – the rescue’s animal assistance fund for animals that either have no owners (CART cases, police cases) or people who cannot afford to provide treatment for catastrophic injuries to their owned pets. This month alone the rescue has treated three neighborhood stray cats, one police case and a CART dog.

“We have another dog that needs a $2,800 corrective surgery because his eyes no longer produce tears,” the rescue posted.

Theresa Weldon posted that the rescue got a bit of a boost from its Fall Craft Fair.

“While there are expenses and costs associated with doing such a big fair, our total deposit for the event was $3,702,” Weldon said. “We obviously have expenses for basket presentation, photo CDs, printing of materials, advertising, etc, but we consider the day to be a resounding success,” she added.

“Thank you to all of our volunteers who worked so hard on the event – too many to name individually, but it was a huge team effort – and to the vendors and people who came out in support! We are blessed to be part of a community that cares,” Weldon posted.

Precious Paws can be reached by phone at (814) 671-9827 or by email at More information about the group and its low cost spay neuter program, SNYP, can be found online at or on the group’s Facebook page.

Who are you?


Owl receiving help at Skye’s Spirit Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Harrisville.

Skye’s Spirit Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Harrisville got a bit of a surprise this week when it thought it was helping a screech owl.

“When the rescuer called, he said there was a screech owl hurt in his yard … I had him get it in a box and bring it down. Of course I, – thinking it was a small owl – open the box and have my face close to peek in … and this great horned owl’s face was right in mine,” the center posted earlier this week on its Facebook page.

It posted that the owl had a broken wing from being hit by a car.

“We’ll give him all the time he needs to heal. If you’d like to help fund the care of this owl, we’d greatly appreciate it,” it posted.

Meanwhile the center is holding an online auction to help raise funds. It is also accepting items for the auction. The auction ends midnight Eastern time Nov. 30  and auction items will continue to be added up until Nov. 25. The auction is found on the center’s Facebook page.

More information about the center may be found online at The center can be reached by phone at (814) 786-9677.

A little extra time and love



Tri-County Animal Rescue Center in Shippenville has a lovely flower who just needs a little extra love to help her blossom into the best dog she can be.

Daisy came to Tri-County Animal Rescue Center this past summer as part of a litter of three Lab mix puppies that had lived for a long time with only each other for company. All three puppies were shy and skittish around humans, Tri-County said.

Daisy, who is in the 30-35 pound range, was the second puppy to be adopted and she escaped from her home on her very first night by climbing through a space in the window next to the AC unit. Daisy was recently returned to the shelter because she continued to find ways to leave her fenced in yard and has housebreaking issues, the shelter said. Daisy is a sweet, submissive lass who loved to romp and play with her siblings at the shelter, but who would also try to hide behind them, according to the rescue.

“We believe Daisy is a ‘special needs’ dog who requires the love of someone special – someone who has the time to encourage her using positive reinforcement and a steady, gentle presence. Daisy would also benefit from the leadership of one or more secure, grounded dogs in her household,” the rescue said.

Meanwhile, the rescue’s Christmas memories event will be held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 3, at Tractor Supply in Clarion. The event includes photos with Santa for $5 a CD, raffles, baked goods and more. Santa arrives at 11 a.m.

More information about Tri-County Animal Rescue Center is available on its Facebook page, by calling (814) 918-2032 or emailing

Maybe he’s cold?


Goosebump was styling in his pajamas in his Petfinder photos.

The Venango County Humane Society’s adoptable dog Goosebump needs someone with a warm heart to take him in out of the cold.

Goosebump, a Chihuahua/Terrier mix, is a 3-year-old neutered male. He has a white and fawn coat and light brown eyes.

Goosebump, a gentle dog, came in as a stray, the shelter said. He’s not comfortable walking on a leash so he’ll need some training when he gets to his new home, it added. He’ll get plenty of exercise running from room to room indoors. Outside, he’ll enjoy exploring the yard or going for a short walk on leash. Goosebump doesn’t like the cold and will be happiest living inside with his new family, the shelter said.

The humane society is open from noon to 5 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays. It is located at 286 S. Main St., Seneca. More information on the Venango County Humane Society is available by calling (814) 677-4040 or online at

PUPS fundraiser planned

Clarion PUPS is preparing for its Christmas Extravaganza. The event will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 26, at the Park Inn by Radisson, 45 Holiday Inn Road, Clarion. The dog-friendly event features vendors, photos with Santa, a Chinese auction, a bake sale and more. A rabies clinic will be held from 2 to 4 p.m. The cost is $15 per shot.

More information about PUPS is available by calling (814) 764-5580 or by emailing


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