8th Grade Students Get “Berry” Scientific

A student looks at Seth Melling’s science project. (By Gabe Dresbach/Student contributor)

Student contributor

On Dec. 16 and 17, Cranberry high School hosted its second annual 8th grade science fair.

Led by science teacher, Julianna McKissick, the event allows students to conduct personalized experiments and present their results to fellow students, staff and family members.

McKissick says that the idea for the science fair was inspired by a similar project that was organized while she student taught at Clarion University.

When she began teaching at Cranberry last year, she saw the perfect opportunity to incorporate this idea.

“I thought it would be something great to bring here,” McKissick added.

The project begins as early as September, when McKissick has her students choose what experiments they want to conduct.

The experiments could take from just a few minutes to a few months, depending on what they involve.

Once they’re completed, the students are tasked with assembling a presentation board, which includes all of the collected data and information.

These boards are presented in the commons for other students and staff members to see. After school, the boards are set up for parents to view.

High school principal, Ritt Smith, says that the science fair is “time well spent,” and that the students involved “do very well, and work hard.”

Now an annual event at Cranberry, the science fair will without a doubt be continued for years to come.

Reyna Watson’s science project (By Gabe Dresbach/Student contributor)

Students Rylee Coe and Ayanna Ferringer enjoy. the science fair. (By Gabe Dresbach/Student contributor)

A parent looks at a student’s science project. (By Gabe Dresbach/Student contributor)

Community members look at projects during the science fair. (By Gabe Dresbach/Student contributor)

Student projects are showcased in the evening for the community to view. (By Gabe Dresbach/Student contributor)


Devin Zerbe and Gabe Dresbach are students at Cranberry High School and members of Cranberry Chronicles, the school’s journalism/publications class.