Beauty and fitness on a budget

Simple and Easy Ways to Update Your Beauty Routine

Although beauty secrets are often kept confidential, some are willing to pass on their tips to help others update their beauty routine.

Here are some beauty tips from the discount experts at Dollar General to help you look healthy, revitalized and ready for any special occasion without spending a fortune.


Never underestimate the effects of staying hydrated. Whether it’s a sports drink enhanced with electrolytes or a simple bottle of distilled water, staying hydrated helps keep your skin wrinkle-free and gives your body energy throughout the day. Keep water readily available to ensure you always meet the recommended amount of consumption for your level of activity and the weather.

Protect Your Skin

To avoid exposing your skin to damaging sunlight, use sunscreen every time you head outdoors. Purchase both spray and cream-based sunscreens for the entire family at major discount retailers like Dollar General, which offer affordable prices on this essential. Sunscreen can also help keep your skin radiant, while avoiding harmful sun rays.

Cleanse and Refresh

Cleansing your face every evening is just as important as getting ready for your day each morning. By removing any make-up or products off of your face before bed, you allow your skin a chance to recharge overnight in preparation for the next day. Always have makeup removal wipes on hand and invest in an exfoliating face wash to remove excess dirt and dead skin from your face.

Don’t let updating your beauty routine break the bank. By following these simple and affordable tips, you’ll be looking your best in no time!

— StatePoint


How to get fit without spending a dime

The prospect of getting your body into gear can be intimidating enough without also considering the impact it might have on your bank account. The rapidly rising cost of trendy boutique workouts and flashy gym memberships doesn’t make it any easier.

But it’s also not an either or situation. Trust us when we say that it’s not just possible to get in the best shape of your life without so much as setting foot in a gym, you can also do it at no cost whatsoever.

There’s an app for that

These days, the world exists conveniently at our fingertips, fitness included. Think about your goals, and start researching the hundreds of free apps available. There are bound to be a handful that work for you. Some of our personal favorites:

C25K: The original Couch to 5K program is designed to ease anyone into running over an eight-week period, via a slow progression from walking to jogging in very doable intervals. More than 15,000 five-star reviews can’t be wrong.

My Fitness Pal: On any fitness journey, knowledge is power — even if you’re just logging for a few days, it’s extremely valuable to get a general idea of how many calories you’re taking in versus how many you burn. MFP is the most seamless and convenient logging program we’ve tried, thanks to a highly extensive food database, the ability to import and calculate recipes from the Web, and various ways to personalize your goals. Plus, it automatically syncs up with your iPhone to log your steps for the day, giving you a more accurate calorie bank.

Strava: Those with a competitive streak will love Strava, which allows you to track and compare your running (and cycling) times against friends and other app users. Plus, the GPS technology lets you accurately monitor your mileage and favorite routes.

Take the stairs 

You’ve heard it before, but it’s not just about this specific tip — it’s the general idea to stop taking certain shortcuts. Heading to a friend’s house 10 blocks away? Walk, don’t Uber. Need to restock on groceries? Think about the arm workout you’ll get by carrying, rather than driving them home. The secret to being fit without it feeling like a chore is slowly making your entire lifestyle more active, rather than just carving out a chunk of time each day to work out.

Get creative 

On that note, it’s time to start looking at everything as an opportunity to be active. That’s not just a water bottle, it’s also a dumbbell. Your bed or couch doubles as a bench for triceps dips. Prop your laptop on some books or a box, and you have a standing desk. And it’s not just about equipment: Ask co-workers if they’d be up for a walking meeting rather than just sitting in the conference room.

Who needs equipment? 

On the flip side, remember that you already have a built-in gym: You can absolutely strength-train and tone virtually everywhere just by using body-weight exercises. Planks, pushups, crunches, situps, lunges, squats, dips, bridges, the list is endless. It’s very easy to find complete workouts that rotate through these exercises online. Craving even more convenience? Look into HIIT or Tabata workouts, which require no equipment and only 10 minutes of your time.

YouTube is your friend

There are so many talented trainers and fitness gurus who share workouts on YouTube, the only “cost” to you is that you might have to sit through a 15-second ad. Search your favorite workout, gym or fitness Instagrammer, and get moving in your living room.

Learn to love running

It’s simple, it’s straight forward, and it’s effective. Even if you’ve always thought you hate running, it’s totally possible to become a convert. Start slowly, either with that C25K app we mentioned or just simply by power-walking your neighborhood. Crank up a killer playlist, and just set out to explore your environs. The urge to pick up the pace might just follow, and if and when it does, celebrate every last yard as a victory.

Take a breather

The real way to make fitness a lasting part of your life: Transform your view of it as a necessary evil into your “me time” and your way to unwind. It’s easier said than done, but again, baby steps. Next time you hit your 3 p.m. wall at work, go outside and walk around the block instead of making a beeline for the coffee machine. If you’re feeling frazzled or jittery, go for a quick jog or do some jumping jacks to expend some energy. Take five minutes before bedtime to stretch, meditate or wind down with yoga. Make being active your de-stressing ritual.

You want to avoid fitness burnout too. Don’t do a hardcore workout every day. Learn the difference between feeling lazy or unmotivated and actual exhaustion. Make living a more active lifestyle the priority over actual, regimented workouts, especially if you’re just starting out. And most importantly, give it time. 

— By Victoria Hoff, Chicago Tribune (TNS)

Everyone wants to be fit and look great, hopefully with these tips you will be able to do both without spending a fortune. Next time you have to choose between the stairs and the elevator don’t forget to take the stairs! It’s your turn to download one of the fitness apps and get started.