DEP updates website app on oil and gas wells in PA

The Department of Environmental Protection released an updated version of a website application that will allow curious parties to find up-to-date information and reports on oil and gas wells in Pennsylvania.

Users will be able to locate wells in their area by searching the PA Oil and Gas Well Mapping application for wells via permit number, address, latitude and longitude, municipality and zip code.

The site lets users interact with a topographical map of their area to find wells and even refine their search results through a variety of filters.

The page allows users to filter their results by conventional and unconventional wells, the type of natural resource being mined and whether the well is active or abandoned or plugged.

The application makes drilling information readily available to the public.

Users can view permit applications, well permits, inspection reports, operator responses to violations and emergency response plans.

The DEP plans to make even more information available as they transition to collecting more oil and gas well data in an electronic format.

“This updated Oil and Gas Well Mapping application puts information about both conventional and unconventional oil and gas wells at your fingertips,” DEP Acting Secretary Patrick McDonnell said in a press release from the DEP. “Making such data available and easy to use promotes transparency and allows the public to generate the information they want on demand.”

The PA Oil and Gas Well Mapping application is available on DEP’s website.

A tutorial explaining the various facets of the application is available on the DEP’s YouTube channel.