Headed for harvest

Ripening tomatoes are starting to show their true colors.

As the days grow shorter and the summer winds down, area gardens and orchards yield the fruits (and vegetables) of their gardeners’ labors. Tomatoes are typically ready slightly before Labor Day or shortly there after. The peaches are ripe. The apples, however, have a few more weeks to go. Flower beds still have some showy blossoms while other blooms have gone to seed.  Meanwhile, the butterflies and the bees are preparing for the fall.



Ripe peaches stand out against a blue sky.



Golden delicious apples are a few weeks away from harvest.



Stalks of celery remain green



Four o’clock flowers add a little color to a fading flower bed.



A cabbage white butterfly rests on a leaf.



A slightly worn spicebush swallowtail suns itself in the treetops.

Crazy Critters


Kennedy runs to catch up without missing a bite to eat.


(Anna Applegate is a newsroom staffer at The Derrick and The News-Herald. She manages the Good Times. She can be emailed at bigdogs.thederrick@gmail.com)