Pearl Harbor Remembrances

Dec. 7, 2021, marks the 80th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor by Japan. The United States declared war on Japan and, three days later, declared war on Germany and Italy. The U.S. became fully engaged in World War II. U.S. involvement in the war was quickly followed by a massive mobilization effort. With millions of men and women serving overseas in the nation’s armed forces, most of those who remained at home dedicated themselves to supporting the war effort in whatever means was available to them. Women, who had worked as homemakers or had held jobs outside military related industries, took jobs in aircraft manufacturing plants, munition plants, military uniform production facilities and more. As the need for steel and other resources increased, American citizens participated in rationing programs as well as recycling and scrap metal drives. On May 18, 1945, Germany surrendered. After the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan surrendered on Sept 2, 1945, and WWII came to an end.

Tricare Opens Season

TRIICARE Open Season runs now through Dec. 13, 2021. This is the time when beneficiaries can enroll in or change their health care coverage. Any changes will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2022. If you are satisfied with your current plan then your coverage will continue automatically for 2022, as long as you remain eligible. Beneficiaries should verify their information is up to date and those making benefit changes need to set up an allotment with their regional contractors for enrollment coverage to begin Jan. 1, 2022. Individuals who do not set up their allotment by the deadline will be unenrolled due to nonpayment.

Network Pharmacy Changes Coming to Tricare

TRICARE has announced that beginning on Dec. 15, 2021, there will be changes to the retail in-network pharmacies. Express Scripts is the TRICARE pharmacy contractor with oversight of home delivery, military pharmacy, and civilian contract facilities. It is recommended that you contact your pharmacy to see if it will remain in-network.

Important Dates in December

The month of December has many important days. Here are just a few:

Dec.1 – Civil Air Patrol (USAF Auxiliary) birthday

Dec. 7 – National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Dec. 13 – U.S. National Guard birthday

Dec.18 – National Wreaths Across America

Dec 25 – Christmas Day

Dec. 31 – New Years’ Eve

POW/MIA Update

Army Sgt. Larry S. Wassil, 33, of Bloomfield, New Jersey, was assigned to 3rd Battalion, 13th Infantry Regiment, 8th Infantry Division. He was reported missing in action on Dec. 28, 1944, after his unit was part of the Hürtgen Forest offense. Wassil will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia. The date has yet to be determined.

Navy Fire Controlman 2nd Class Lawrence J. Overley, 21, was assigned to the battleship USS Oklahoma, which was moored at Ford Island, Pearl Harbor. Interment services are pending.

Till next week, praying for all service members.


– Charles Castelluccio