Pumpkin Patch kitty bowl adoption event is Oct. 28

Heavenly Strays will host its second kitty bowl adoption event titled the “Pumpkin Patch” from noon to 3 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 28, at the SNYP Clinic at 720 Atlantic Ave., Franklin.

“There will be three arenas filled with wonderful cats and kittens needing good homes.  We will be decorating them for Halloween and filling them with toys to play with,” a post on the event’s Facebook page said.

Three area rescues, including Clarion PAWS, Grove City Area Pet Rescue and Precious Paws Animal Rescue and SNYP, will be participating.  There will be door prize drawings during the event.

The pictures of the participating kitties will be posted on Facebook before the event and photo contests are underway.

The cat or kitten with the most votes will win $50 for their rescue and the last place kitty will have its adoption fee paid for by Heavenly Strays to a good, approved home, according to Heavenly Strays founder Teresa Feely.

Feely said Heavenly Strays is a small group of people who try to help and promote animal rescues in the region.  Her husband has a race car which features logos of area rescues as well.

“Come see the incredible cuteness and see the ‘catletes’ attack monsters and other scary and fun Halloween activities,” Feely said in a Facebook post.

Each rescue will have a table of items for sale and a donation box for any items people wish to donate.   Monetary donations will also be accepted.

“Planning this production takes a great deal of love and caring from some wonderful rescues and volunteers,” she said.

Some of the Halloween-themed decor includes a “Wizard of Oz” section complete with a ruby sneaker cat tent.  Other planned decorations include a scary spider web area, a crazy clown asylum cat tower and and a Dracula tomb kitty cage and trap.

“This event is not only our way of finding homes for our precious foster babies and shelter cats, but also a platform which we hope will spread awareness throughout our area,” Feely continued.

“These unselfish people work tirelessly 24 hours a day to help the helpless.  These cats and kittens are the abandoned, abused, neglected and forgotten,” she said.

“They are thrown from moving cars, dumped along the highway to be run over and killed, abandoned like trash to fend for themselves in a cold and uncaring world.  They are left to starve, become infested with parasites, and to suffer serious illness and death,” Feely said.

Rescues across the country endure the heartbreak of trying desperately to show these unwanted cats and kittens what real love is, according to Feely.

“There is no better feeling than looking into the eyes of a cat who appreciates any ounce of help, love and affection you can give it,” she said.

“We hope to see everyone at our Pumpkin Patch.  If you cannot attend our event, we would be grateful it you could spread the word about our rescues and foster or adopt a new family member,” Feely said.