Vigil for Rocky Grove student

Students and educators gathered at Franklin High School on Thursday alongside local community and religious leaders to mourn the loss of Rocky Grove High School student Nathan Luzier, 15. Luzier was killed in a car wreck Tuesday along Lamberton Road in Sugarcreek. Many Franklin students wore Valley Grove colors of orange and black to show support for Luzier, the car’s other occupants – Haden Abel, 16, and Axel Myers, 13 – and the Valley Grove district. The ceremony also acknowledged the pain and loss felt by many in the Franklin and Sugarcreek communities. After some Franklin students showed up Wednesday morning for Rocky Grove’s own vigil, Rocky Grove students Connor Elder (left) and Dustin McMullen (center) attended the Franklin ceremony. Abel and Myers remain hospitalized in Erie and Pittsburgh, respectively. (Photo by A.J. Titley)