You can see more photos

Virtually all newspaper photographers take dozens of pictures for a story that never make it into the next day’s paper. Years ago this was a little disappointing if we had several pictures we wanted to share. In the days of the World Wide Web (does anyone call it that anymore?), it is a lot better. Web pages are virtually infinite. We can post galleries, slideshows, blogs and even make it easy for our readers to purchase their favorite photos if they wish (a service papers have offered, but at one time it was only available for the photos in print.)


At The Derrick and The News-Herald, we have many places to see more photos and thoughts about making photographs and about the events and people we cover.

There is this blog for one. It’s new but hopefully will become a place for me to share more photos and thoughts about what I cover everyday in the area.


Like this event from Monday night where the world famous Harlem Wizards visited Oil City High School to help the district raise money to build a new playground at Hasson Height Elementary School.


From this event we printed four photos in the paper the next day.


We also created a slideshow and posted it to our website that you can visit by clicking here.


We also post photos on Facebook and links to places where you can find more. The Derrick page offers several items each day from photos and news to recipes and other helpful life tips. Check it out and follow us to see all we have to offer here.


I also have a Facebook page that I dedicate to the work I do at the paper. I share several photos a week there and other items of interest to the community. Check it out and follow that page too to see even more here.


Perhaps the best kept secret is this next place to find photos. We post hundreds of pictures on a site where our readers can even purchase them. They are the raw untouched versions, but through the ordering process they can be lightened and cropped to suit your needs too. Not every news item that we have a photograph for ends up here. Tragedies and submitted photos are not posted, for example. But you can see all the extra shots that didn’t make it to the paper, on our website or even in the blog here.


So check out what is available to you and share the information around. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people surprised that we have all these pictures to view and that they can be purchased.



Also, Check out the great photographs of nature and critters by my colleague Anna Applegate. Visit her blog “A Walk in the Woods”.


(Richard Sayer – The Derrick and The News-Herald photographer)