Couple accused of child endangerment, assault

A Franklin couple are facing charges for endangering two young boys and engaging in a physical altercation with each other.

Sugarcreek police said in a criminal complaint that on April 12, Jacob Baker, 29, called police to report he and his girlfriend, Alaina Haffey, 26, had gotten into a fight at their residence the night before and then she left, leaving her three-year-old son and their three-month-old son with him.

Haffey said that when she returned, Baker had locked himself in the bedroom and had piled all her stuff in the living room, the complaint said.

Haffey said she then knocked the door down and it fell on the bassinette where their baby boy was laying, according to the complaint.

Haffey carried the door into the living room and then returned to the bedroom where she grabbed Baker and carried him to the front door and threw him out of her house, the complaint said.

The two struggled at the front door and when she threw him out, he grabbed her and threw her down the front steps where she hit the side of a trailer, leaving a dent, the complaint said.

When police were at the residence with Baker, they observed a weekly pill container and drug paraphernalia for smoking marijuana in the living room within reach of the three-year-old, according to the complaint.

Police later found more drug paraphernalia and marijuana in a safe belonging to Baker in the bedroom, the complaint said.

The pair also told police that Baker made a homemade baby gate on the doorway to the three-year-old’s bedroom and he often shuts the child in the room and locks the gate for extended periods of time, the complaint said.

Baker said he would watch the child through a camera mounted in the bedroom and give the child food and water when he asked for it, according to the complaint.

Baker and Haffey were both charged with a felony count of endangering the welfare of children and a misdemeanor count of simple assault.

In addition, Baker was charged with misdemeanor counts of possession of a controlled substance and use/possession of drug paraphernalia.

They were placed in the Venango County jail after being unable to post bail, and their preliminary hearings are scheduled Wednesday in Central Court.