Franklin sweet shop taking its treats for kids on the road

Poppin’ Sweet Shop may no longer be in its storefront location in Franklin, but it will soon be “poppin’ up” in plenty of other places as the business is moving to a mobile format.

“We’ve tried to reinvent ourselves in a different way for the kids,” said Amanda Rodgers, co-owner of the business with her husband, Steve.

The shop selling sweet treats for kids is moving into a vintage 1970s Airstream RV and switching to a food truck-style business.

“We’ll sell mainly boba tea and a little candy,” Rodgers said, adding that they will continue carrying gourmet pretzels and popcorn.

“We still have our cotton candy machine and slushy machine, and we’ll still be available for a lot of stuff we used to do,” she added.

Rodgers also said “our kids were the ones who actually talked us into boba tea; I didn’t know what it was.”

The storefront for Poppin’ Sweets opened in May 2020.

“My heart has always been with children,” Rodgers said. “We have seven children, and we were taking care of another baby, so eight. We have a set of twins with special needs, and we wanted a safe place for kids to hang out in the community and just be kids.”

Rising supply and operational expenses meant the storefront had to close July 9.

“We’d already had to do away with a lot of products because we knew we wouldn’t be able to sell them at a reasonable price for the area,” Rodgers said. She added that in addition, supplies are not always available.

Still, Rodgers is excited to be continuing the sweet shop with the Airstream.

“We took it to BridgeFest and Petfest last year,” she said. “We called it ‘Poppin’ On The Go. We’ll pop up here and there, wherever we’re called.”

BridgeFest, which will be the mobile shop’s first stop, takes place Friday and Saturday in Oil City.


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