Valley Grove raises pay for substitute teachers

Valley Grove School District, following the lead of other districts in the area, raised the pay rate for substitute teachers Monday night in an effort to attract more substitutes at a time where they have seen the need for them rise.

Valley Grove school board members voted to raise the rate from $85 a day to $100.

“The need for subs has risen over the last couple of years and we are using more of them for various reasons and there just aren’t that many out there,” superintendent Jeff Clark said.

Clark said the board hasn’t changed the rate in recent years.

“We wanted to keep up with the times on it,” Clark said. “It may help, it may not. But it doesn’t help if there aren’t more people available out there. You still need to get more substitutes out there and there just aren’t a whole lot of them out there right now.”

The board also approved a number of field trips for students this school year.

Board members also approved the renewal of a 12-month service agreement with Johnson Control for HVAC and heating work totaling $9,432.

Two supplemental contracts were approved. One was for Jade Buckley to work with junior high cheerleaders at a rate of $879, and the other was for Amanda Culver to work with elementary cheerleaders at a rate of $543.