Company seeks to build non-combustion plant in Cochranton

COCHRANTON (AP) — A renewable energy company is scrapping plans to build an electricity plant in Pennsylvania in favor of a non-combustion plant that would use waste tires.

Crawford Renewable Energy had planned to build a 90-megawatt power plant about 75 miles north of Pittsburgh in Cochranton.

But the company says the plant is “economically unfeasible” due to falling wholesale electricity prices.

The company now plans to partner with another firm to build a plant that would produce carbon black, low-sulphur diesel fuel and other products out of waste tires. Officials declined to identify the other company involved.

Carbon black is used to make photocopier toner. Trucks and other heavy vehicles are required to use low-sulphur diesel fuel to reduce exhaust emissions.

The company hopes to start building the plant next year.