New Franklin events coordinator joins city staff

To a round of applause, Franklin mayor Doug Baker introduced James Shreffler as the city’s new events and marketing coordinator at this week’s city council meeting.

Shreffler began work Nov. 9.

The city posted the position in mid-August after longtime coordinator Ronnie Beith passed away in April.

On Monday, deputy mayor Donna Fletcher publicly thanked Franklin Fine Arts Council president Pat Dolecki for “all the work she has done to keep the city going” coordinating events after Ronnie’s passing.

“She (Dolecki) deserves a hats-off from the city,” Fletcher said.

City manager Tracy Jamieson also thanked Dolecki in her budget statement for taking on “the herculean task of filling in for Ronnie.”

Jamieson said the loss of Beith was “the biggest strike to the city during 2023.”

Shreffler, she added, has “varied talents and will be an asset to Franklin in the years to come,” and Dolecki has agreed to help him learn the ropes.

The city will see other personnel changes in 2024 as Jamieson is retiring as manager at the end of the year, and fire chief and deputy manager Jim Wetzel will step into the manager position.

As such, the city will be looking to hire a new fire chief and new lieutenant, and the city is also looking to hire at least two new police officers and promote two more to lieutenant, Jamieson said.