OC man accused of kidnapping, raping woman

An Oil City man is facing charges for preventing a woman from leaving the bedroom of a residence for several hours and then raping her.

Oil City police said in a criminal complaint that the woman noticed on Sept. 26 her handgun was missing from where she kept it in her home and there were shells and razor blades on the floor, causing her to fear Jesse Greenhalgh, 35, who was in the garage of the home at that time.

The woman went downstairs and Greenhalgh came inside and said to her “409” before going upstairs and calling the woman upstairs where he told her to come into the bedroom, but she told him no and went back downstairs to the kitchen, the complaint said.

Greenhalgh went to the kitchen, became angry at the woman and slammed her against a wall and strangled her, according to the complaint.

Greenhalgh then left the room and she heard him call her to come upstairs and so she went upstairs because she was afraid that if she didn’t he would hurt her again, the complaint said.

He then told her he was going to cut himself with a razor blade for each of the 409 days they had been together, and then he cut himself about 97 times, the complaint said.

After two hours the woman was able to talk Greenhalgh into putting down the gun and she sat down on a stand, according to the complaint.

Greenhalgh picked her up, set her on the bed and began touching her inappropriately while she asked him to let her go into the bathroom, which he eventually let her do, the complaint said.

After she came back out, he went into the bathroom to clean all the blood off himself from cutting his arm, the complaint said.

Then Greenhalgh raped her when he came back to the bedroom, according to the complaint.

The next day the woman was able to leave the house while Greenhalgh was asleep, the complaint said.

Greenhalgh was charged with felony counts of rape, possession of firearm prohibited, aggravated assault- attempts to cause or causes serious bodily injury or causes injury with extreme indifference, kidnap to facilitate a felony, kidnap to inflict injury/terror, theft by unlawful taking-movable property and strangulation, as well as misdemeanor counts of indecent assault forcible compulsion, simple assault, unlawful restraint/serious bodily injury, terroristic threats, false imprisonment, recklessly endangering another person and harassment.

He was arraigned Saturday and placed in the Venango County jail with bail denied due to the severity of the charges, and his preliminary hearing is scheduled Wednesday in Central Court.


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