State Police, DCNR report armed man barricaded in Cook Forest

From staff reports

State police have blocked off all roads in Cook Forest State Park because a man has barricaded himself inside a building.

Clarion State Police and DCNR wardens were called to the scene at about 9:30 am today.

Trooper Christopher Smith said, “he is believed to be armed.”

Police have had no contact with the suspect who is believed to be a man who is barricaded at McBeth’s Cabins on River Road in Cook Forest.

Law enforcement reports many shots have been fired throughout the afternoon and police have fired two “flash bangs,” devices meant to scare and confuse a suspect.

DCNR Ranger Stephen Nazik was first on the scene and secured the bridge on River Road.

Chief Ranger John McAvoy said, “there is no danger to the public” and traffic from the park is being diverted away. State Route 36 is closed off between Route 899 and River Road.

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