Berry Pride & Joy

(Photo by Lindsay Perry/Student Contributor)

Cranberry Area High School: A school people should be proud to attend and be a part of

By Dylan Salsgiver, Student Contributor

“I believe we have an excellent school because of what I hear from outside sources such as substitute teachers and parents. I’m told our students have the best behavior and that all the students and staff are very welcoming,” said Mrs. Daugherty, Assistant Principal of Cranberry High School.

Cranberry, a small town in western PA known for its beautiful forests, rolling hills, and scenic memories that last a lifetime has a just as gorgeous school nestled in the heart of it.

“We have such a beautiful physical complex because of the maintenance team at Cranberry High School that keeps this school in top notch shape,” said Cranberry’s Principal, Mr. Smith.

Not only does it have gorgeous buildings and grounds, but the high school has well-rounded students, helpful staff, and everyone is so caring.

Just take this perspective from Mr. Piercy, “My favorite part of Cranberry High School is our great students and stand up individuals throughout the whole school.”

Cranberry has an exceptional showing of respect and discipline which is formed through the outstanding teaching staff and administration who both work with students.

CHS has an amazing staff outside of just teaching and administration. The staff members love to come to their job which makes it that much better because they want to be here.

The workers also have a desire to help, such as Kari Borland, a lunch lady at Cranberry, “I love my job because I love the people I work with, being able to be creative and free with ideas, and creating a relationship with the kids.”

The students at CHS are very respectful and helpful towards each other and try to look for the best out of everyone, which for the most part creates impenetrable friendships.

“My favorite part of CHS would be all the friends I’ve made and how many people are kind to me,” said Malliah Schreck, a senior student from Cranberry High School.

Cranberry High School has much to offer and is an important part of this beautiful community in western Pennsylvania. At the end of the day, Berryland really is our pride and joy.


Dylan Salsgiver and Lindsay Perry are students at Cranberry High School and members of Cranberry Chronicles, the school’s journalism/publications group.