Police catch three escapees from Pathways

Three juvenile males escaped from Pathways Adolescent Center Sunday afternoon.

Oil City police said that the three of them were caught on the south end of the Wye Bridge in Oil City, just half an hour after they had fled.

One of the juveniles was charged with two felonies, one for escape and one for flight to avoid apprehension in relation to his detention in Pathways on multiple forcible sex crimes, unauthorized use of another vehicle and additional traffic related offenses. The original charges were filed by Foster Township police in McKean County, where the juvenile was charged as an adult.

Oil City police detained the juvenile and later turned him over to McKean County sheriff’s deputies for transport and detainment.

The other two juveniles were sent back to Pathways Adolescent Center to continue their program.

According to Oil City police, an investigation continues as possible drug related offenses may be filed on another juvenile male who allegedly aided and abetted the others in their escape.