Preparing for the Future

Oil City High School Juniors Abby Kreidler and Jillian Ochs learn how to tie a neck tie. (By Sara Haupt)

Student contributor

FACS is a class that students have to take at Oil City High School in order to graduate. The purpose of FACS, Family and Consumer Science, is to teach the students that are getting ready to live on their own how to be prepared for the future. There are two teachers that teach FACS, Jessica Ochs and Stacey Skinner. In Ochs’ class, students have been learning how to write checks, how to fill out a 401k form, how to write a resume and cover letter, how to do taxes, etc. Recently, she had her class participate in mock interviews to practice for future job interviews. She asked community members to come in and interview her students. She gave the interviewers the students’ resumes and cover letters and let them ask questions about both of the papers. Students who were not being interviewed were placed in another room where they learned how to tie a necktie, play a life game, and write thank you letters to the people who gave up their time to help students prepare for the future. In Ochs’ game of life, students pick a home, job, family, and start saving money. Students have to maintain that life with the limited resources they have before developing a future for themselves. These activities are helpful for all students whether they are planning to attend college, vocational school, or jump into the workforce.


Abigail Kreidler and Sara Haupt are students at Oil City High School and members of the school’s Oiler News staff. Photo by teacher Jennifer Mosher-Johnson.