CLA students raise $3,270 for ‘Ultrasound Program’

From staff reports

Ninth- and 10th-graders at Christian Life Academy decided to raise money for a program that would benefit people outside their school, and they succeeded beyond their expectations.

Fifteen students raised $3,270 to donate to an initiative called “Option Ultrasound Program,” which helps qualified medical clinics acquire the means to provide the service.

The program is sponsored by Focus on the Family, a national Christian organization, and makes grants available to the clinics for “ultrasound machines, nurses’ trainings and medical conversion funds.”

The CLA students, under the direction of teacher Jan Weaver, set a target of raising $600 for the Option Ultrasound Program, “the cost of ten ultrasounds for ten women …,” said Tracy Walter, director of development at the school.

The students ended up raising $3,270, an amount the students calculated would pay for about 54 ultrasounds, mostly from donations from families of the roughly 100 students in the school.

“This money goes to pay for ultrasounds for young unwed mothers who have not made a decision yet about whether to keep their child,” said Lawrence Williams, administrator of the school. “The ultrasound gives them a scientific view of things – because the science now is remarkable. They now have 4-D ultrasounds.

“I was personally shocked. I thought they would raise a few hundred dollars. But the amount kept growing. I was astonished at the results.”