For the love of dogs

Lately it seems that cats have taken the spotlight most probably due to the explosion in the kitten population. There are a lot of dogs who need good homes, too. Tri-County has Jack Russell and rat terrier mix puppies, a lab mix named Ollie and Pit bull Zane available for adoption. Precious Paws Animal Rescue is looking homes for Novah and Stella and the Venango County Humane Society is looking for someone who could use a Buddy. Of course, we didn’t forget the cats for those feline fanatics.

Jack Russell Rat Terrier pups

Jack Russell rat terrier pups available for adoption through Tri-County Animal Rescue Center in Shippenville.

Young and a little older

Tri-County Animal Rescue in Shippenville has puppies and adult dogs to choose from.

There are several 10-week-old Jack Russell and rat terrier mix puppies that were recently surrendered to the rescue center. They are all males and current on vaccines.



Ollie is a 9-month-old black lab mix who has a lot of stamina and energy to offer the person who is looking for a swimming, running or hiking partner.  Ollie loves chasing balls and Frisbees in the yard, although he has not quite mastered the art of bringing his toys back yet, but the center is working on that. He simply hasn’t had much training and may have never had the chance to play in a yard before either, so he is overjoyed to leave his kennel every chance he gets, popping his clutch and accelerating to fifth gear in no time! Ollie has 12-week-old puppy manners in a 70 lb. body. But don’t be fooled by his intensity! Ollie’s zest for life is part of his special charm and also makes him teachable: he responds well to correction and is willing to please; he wants to put his best paw forward and learn how to do things the way that you ask him to, especially if that’s what it takes to go home, the rescue said.



Zane is a 2-year-old, handsome, white and apricot colored Pit bull with special needs due to a rough start in life. Zane came to Tri-County Animal Rescue Center as part of a humane case. He had been living in a home with two other dogs; one of those dogs, a Pit bull like Zane, was confined for weeks in the cellar of that home without being fed, and she nearly starved to death. Zane was not malnourished to that degree, but he was kept crated almost all the time and was underweight when he arrived at the shelter. It should come as no surprise then that Zane has resource-guarding issues and is selective about the people he trusts, the rescue said.

Still, there are many things about Zane to love, the rescue said.

He never fence fights with any of the other dogs at the shelter. He exits and returns to his kennel on point, hardly glancing in another direction. He entertains himself in the yard with toys. Those who have earned his trust are gifted with his special friendship and affection. There are times when Zane’s eyes just seem to be begging for a heart and home of his own, and when you look in his eyes you can almost hear him saying, “love me; I’ll love you back,” the rescue said.

“We believe that someone reading this right now could be the person Zane has been waiting for,” it added.

Because of Zane’s special needs he will be most successful living in a home with no children, and with someone who has experience with large or bully breeds. The person who will be most successful adopting Zane must be willing to spend some time getting to know Zane, and must understand his need for the kind of leadership that is firm, but generous with loving, positive reinforcement.



Emoji, named for the distinct black heart on his side, is a young male kitten who loves receiving attention and affection. He is energetic, playful, likes other kitties and is an enormous love bug.  Emoji is neutered and current on vaccines.

To learn more about the puppies, Ollie, Zane or Emoji, or to speak with a member of the Adoption Team, interested persons may contact Tri-County on Facebook at, call (814) 918-2032, or email

Man’s best friend could be your best friend



Leah  Anson, with Precious Paws Animal Rescue in Franklin, posted about her foster dogs Novah and Stella.

“For some reason dog adoptions are down this year. As humans, we should protect and help our ‘best friends’,” Anson posted.

“These two dogs are my PPAR adoptable fosters. They both are around a year and a half old. Look into their eyes and see if they are meant to be your best friend,” she added.

Novah, the husky mix, is a shy girl at first but is fun loving and active once she settles in. She is fine with cats and most other dogs (if given time to adjust to them).



Stella, the Pit, needs a strong person who is experienced with bully breeds and knows how to train her to control her bad habits. She is a “project dog,” but once she calms down, Stella is such a sweetheart that just wants company and love.

“Are you in need of a new best friend? Please consider Novah or Stella,” Anson posted.

Meanwhile Theresa Weldon posted on the group’s Facebook page looking for homes for several kittens.

“We are still overloaded on kittens … getting about ten calls a day for cats and kittens who need help. If you’ve ever considered adopting a cat, now is a great time!! What are you waiting for?” Welson posted.


Precious Paws has a craft fair slated for Nov. 12.

Precious Paws can be reached by phone at (814) 671-9827 or by email at More information about the group and its low cost spay neuter program, SNYP, can be found online at or on the group’s Facebook page.

Do you need a Buddy?



Venango County Humane Society in Seneca has this handsome Coonhound mix available for adoption.
Buddy, a Coonhound/lab mix, is a 3- to 4-year-old neutered male. He has a black and white coat and light brown eyes. Buddy is a loyal, good-natured companion. He has the nose of a hound so it’s a good idea to keep him on a leash or in a fenced-in area when he’s outside, the shelter added. Buddy will be equally at home sitting next to you in your easy chair.

“It’s hard to pass up a face like his,” the shelter said.



Zeus, a lab-retriever mix, is a 3-year-old neutered male. He has a thick back coat and expressive brown eyes. Zeus is very easy to handle, but, because of his size, he’ll be most comfortable being walked with a harness and a leash, the shelter recommended. A long daily walk will keep Zeus happy and healthy, it said. Living indoors will give him lots of chances to bond with his new family. Zeus will rule your heart when you meet him, the humane society said.

The humane society is open from noon to 5 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays. It is located at 286 S. Main St., Seneca.

More information on the Venango County Humane Society is available by calling (814) 677-4040 or online at

Senior living

Clarion PUPS has Spike available for adoption. The rescue said his elderly owner is going into a senior center soul Spike needs a retirement home of his own.

More information about PUPS is available by calling (814) 764-5580 or emailing

Totally terrific trio

Clarion PAWS in Shippenville has a terrific trio. Timmy, Tommy and Toby don’t really have too much in common except their names all begin with T and they are totally ready for homes to call their own.

Timmy can be slightly cranky, but only because he doesn’t like to share with all of his siblings and roommates, the rescue posted on Facebook. While he can be timid he does enjoy sitting on laps. He just needs the purrfect family to bring him out of his shell.

Tommy is quite the special kitten. He had pan leukopenia when he was only a few weeks old. Luckily he survived that, the rescue said. Now he has slight Cerebellar Hypoplasia. That just means that sometimes he can’t control his back legs. This doesn’t stop him from playing with all of the other kittens and cuddling up on whatever lap is available, the rescue said.

Toby in another one of our shy kittens. He is quite the sweet boy but sharing with a room full of kittens can be tough. This little guy is ready for his furrever family so be can get some one on one time and maybe his own toys!

Clarion PAWS is located at 11348 Route 322, Shippenville, Clarion River Hill, between Scrap Happy and Clarion Electric.

The adoption center is open from 5 to 7 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays and from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturdays. The center is closed Fridays and Sundays.

More information is available online at, the group’s Facebook page or by calling (814) 229-1231.

Don’t forget DukeFest is Saturday, Sept. 10, in Franklin.


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