Pet of the Day 4/13/20

Hi gang, Loki here! I’m a big ol’ dawg, a classic doggo, a scrapper but all around everyone’s favorite cool pal. I won’t lie though, I know how to give the best kisses. I can be a little shy at first but if you go slow and allow me to warm up on my own terms, I’ll be putty in your hands in no time. One look at my baby blues will have you melting. I’m looking for a home that can help me work on my manners and keep me active. Once I’ve had enough I’ll flop right down and be ready for a night of snuggles and Netflix. Thinking this situation could work for the both of us? Put in an application and let’s talk. Contact the Venango County Humane Society from noon to 5 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays by calling (814) 677-4040.