Severe storms a strong possibility Saturday

Weather experts say severe storms could be coming to the region Saturday.

Becky Elliot, an Accuweather meteorologist, said the storms are most likely to begin about midday Saturday and last throughout the evening.

Of course, it’s difficult to predict exactly what will occur and when, but Elliot said it looks like heavier rains will begin Saturday afternoon.

Storms are also possible overnight Saturday, but that is less likely, Elliot added.

The forecasted storms are a result of an area of low pressure coming to the region from Ontario and Quebec. The low pressure area will move down across the Great Lakes and be in the local area Saturday, Elliot explained.

The air in front of the low pressure will be cold, she said, and that cold air will clash with the warm air in the area allowing for the perfect condition for a severe storm.

“The issue we’ll most likely face is high winds and hail, and both can be damaging,” Elliot said.

According to, it is important to stay inside during a hailstorm. The website also says cars should not be driven during a hailstorm and it suggests drivers pull over and wait for the storm to pass.

“Items that can be easily moved should be brought in from the outside,” Elliot said.

Items like patio furniture or potted plants that can be picked up in the wind might cause damage. Items left outside that cannot easily be moved inside should be tied down for safety.

While the predicted storms on Saturday appear to have the potential to become severe, Elliot said the possibility for a derecho is very unlikely.

A derecho is a dangerous type of thunderstorm that travels a path of at least 240 miles and has extremely high winds associated with it.

Elliot is optimistic that Sunday will be a nicer day. Accuweather forecasts a high of about 75 with a low of 49 Sunday.

“There’s a slight chance of a few showers early Sunday, but it should dry out later in the day,” she said.