Posing with the posies

Buford reluctantly poses beside the garden of four o'clock blooms.

Sometimes all it takes is a colorful background to brighten up a photo. Buford and Sherman will sometimes “sit and stay” for a few photos in front of the flower garden. However, many of the birds and the bees rarely stay around long enough for pictures.

This week the cedar waxwings have been busy eating berries at the neighbor’s pond and the bees continue to work over the goldenrod and other flowers.


Sherman sniffs some four o’clock flowers.



Pink four o’clock blossoms brighten up the scene.



The bees are really loving the Mexican sunflower blooms.



A few gazania blossoms remain despite the best efforts of some very persistent chipmunks and rabbits.



A honey bee visits a goldenrod plant at a Pinegrove Township pond.



Kennedy enjoys an afternoon snack of some New England asters.



A cedar waxwing harvests some fruit off of a black gum tree.



An Eastern phoebe takes a break from catching bugs at a the pond.


(Anna Applegate is a newsroom staffer at The Derrick and The News-Herald. She manages the Good Times and can be emailed at bigdogs.thederrick@gmail.com)