Bakery owners enjoyed their time at Franklin shop

Kathy and Larry Licht, owners of Warner’s Bakery, feel they have been “very blessed” during the bakery’s time in Franklin.

That time came to a close at the beginning of this year, when the couple decided to close the location inside the Liberty Vault in Franklin.

The demand from three locations was becoming a little overwhelming, Kathy Licht said, and she and Larry also plan to retire from the bakery this year.

“We’ve done very well here,” Kathy Licht said. “The business was growing steadily up until the end…the community opened its arms to us.”

The main Warner’s Bakery location in Titusville and the summertime location in the Tionesta Market Village will remain open.

And, she said, Warner’s will continue delivering in the Franklin area.

While the Lichts plan to retire later this year, Kathy said they are in discussion with an employee to take over ownership, who is “very excited, but not ready to announce it yet.”

The Franklin location opened in 2020, and since then, Kathy said the bakery has felt like it became “part of the fabric of Franklin,” donating to organizations like schools and churches and showing up to local events.

The Lichts loved the art and historical architecture in Franklin, but most of all, the people.

“We had so much fun with the people,” Kathy said. “It’s the best part of having a business.”