Blossoms and butterflies


Warming temperatures and abundant sunshine has brought out some spring color. From violets to tulips, nature is putting on a show and providing food for a few hungry butterflies.


A tiger swallowtail butterfly feeds on a dandelion.


A meadow fritillary feeds on a dandelion.


Red tulips


A hermit thrush in a Pinegrove Township tree.


A robin enjoys the evening sun in Pinegrove Township.


A flowering shrub is seen beside a Pinegrove Township pond.

Trip to Conneaut, Ohio


An evening at Lake Erie in Conneaut, Ohio.


A sea gull swoops in for a meal on Lake Erie in Conneaut, Ohio.

Crazy Critters

Taking photos of animals in or beside the flowers without the posies being trampled or otherwise eaten can be challenging. Unfortunately, some flowers were harmed in the taking of these photos.


Buford (bloodhound) and Sherman (Saint Bernard) look for chipmunks in the tulip garden.


Kyle grazes in the field behind the daffodils.


Timus poses in the tulips while being distracted by a moving stick that is off camera.

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(Anna Applegate is a newsroom staffer at The Derrick and The News-Herald and manages the Good Times entertainment section.)