Cranberry ‘OK’ for now with budget impasse

Contributing writer

A budget stymie in Harrisburg hasn’t yet dramatically impacted public school districts, but that time may come within a few months.

That was the take offered by Henry Karg, business manager for Cranberry Area School District, at a school board meeting Monday.

In response to a question by school board president Tom Neely as to what ramifications the stalled state budget talks may have on the district, Karg said three government payments – two federal and one state – have been received so far into the school term.

“The special education subsidy is due Friday and while it is still on the docket, I don’t know,” said Karg, adding that payment amounts to “a couple hundred thousand” dollars.

Some school subsidy payments have been borrowed from other state sources, including PennDOT funds, said Karg.

“We are OK until the first of the year before we have to borrow,” said Karg.

Neely replied, “It would be nice for the legislators and the governor to do their jobs.”

Karg also told the board that district enrollment as of the first several days of the 2017-18 school term was 1,161 students. That is up by two students from enrollment last June.