Donations surpass $35,000 for teen with muscular dystrophy

Tyler Carbaugh

An outpouring of community donations will soon make life a lot easier for one Cooperstown teen.

Tyler Carbaugh, 18, has Duchenne muscular dystrophy. His family has been at the center of fundraising efforts for the building of an addition that will assist Tyler onto their home.

After many months, it looks as if the family’s fundraising goal has been reached. Ground will be broken in two weeks for Tyler’s new addition, said the teen’s father, Charley.

Numerous community fundraising efforts have brought in about $36,000 for the project, Charley Carbaugh said.

Mustard Seed Missions, the organization that is providing the labor for the project, had estimated that about $30,000 was needed to complete Tyler’s addition.

Contributions for the addition to the Carbaugh home came in from all over, Charley Carbaugh said.

“Thanks to the community from all of us,” he said. “Tyler is excited.”

A number of community fundraising efforts were organized and donations were raised through a golf outing, spaghetti dinner and an online fundraising site, among others.

Many individuals and churches donated to the cause including the Carbaugh’s family church, Community Church of God in Cooperstown.

When ground is broken, the new addition will give Tyler his own handicapped-accessible bedroom and bathroom.

The new facilities will make it easier for nurses to assist Tyler, who uses a wheelchair, his father said.

It will also reduce some of the physical toll on his parents, who have been doing a lot of heavy lifting in their efforts to assist their son around the home, Charley Carbaugh said.

The Carbaugh family has said that their faith takes them through trying times. In addition to Tyler and Charley, the family includes mother Tracy, son Cody and daughter Tatum.

On Monday, Tracy Carbaugh posted on Facebook that the family’s fundraising goal had been reached.

“We are so humbled by God’s grace. Just when you think you can’t take anymore is when the blessing and renewed hope and strength comes,” she wrote.

“You have to have faith,” Charley Carbaugh added.

Tyler Carbaugh graduated from Rocky Grove High School last year.

Currently, he is taking a year off and trying his hand at becoming a professional gamer, his father said.

Duchenne muscular dystrophy is a rare form of the disease that affects about 1 in 3,600 boys. Girls are rarely affected.