Fall is Amongst Us

Student contributor

Fall is quickly approaching. The trees will soon be changing color and losing their leaves.

There are many things to do in autumn, so where do we begin?

You could start by grabbing a pumpkin spice latte and taking a stroll through the local pumpkin patch, but maybe pumpkins aren’t your thing.

Are apples more your thing? Make plans with friends or family to visit AppleFest in Franklin on Oct. 1-3. AppleFest originally started as a pie baking contest in 1983. Since then, AppleFest has grown to include various small business vendors, food, music, and fun activities.

Perhaps you want to give back this fall. You could lend a helping hand to your family or a neighbor by raking leaves. Afterwards, have a little fun and jump in the pile or collect a few pretty ones.

If you enjoy Halloween, a haunted house may be a fun activity for you and friends. One local haunted house to attend would be 13 Levels of Fear located in Conneaut Lake. Experience multiple haunted houses in one night with the purchase of one ticket.

You could always cozy up at home with a classic fall movie.

The fall season has so much more to offer than the beautiful colors!


Kaylee Maxwell is a student at Oil City High School and a member of the school’s Oiler News staff.