Man accused in threatening-letters case not guilty on remaining charges

From staff reports

A Franklin man who stood accused in 2018 of writing threatening and profanity-laced letters to public officials was found not guilty of all remaining charges against him, according to his lawyer.

The charges against Nicholas Borgia stemmed from letters that were sent to Venango County Judge Robert Boyer, Venango County Commissioner Albert Abramovic, District Attorney Shawn White and several other county residents.

The verdict from the jury in the trial, which began Monday and concluded Thursday, was a unanimous 12-0 decision, lawyer Marco Attisano said.

“He maintained his innocence since day one,” Attisano said. “We just wanted the evidence to come out, and all 12 (jurors) agreed not guilty based on the actual evidence in the case. He is 100 percent not guilty.”

According to Attisano, Borgia on Thursday was found not guilty on three misdemeanor counts of terroristic threats, two misdemeanor counts of stalking and six counts of repeated harassment in an anonymous manner.

In December, the felony charge of retaliation against a prosecutor or judicial official was dismissed, along with two misdemeanor counts of retaliation of past official action.

“The case is overcharged and under-investigated, and there’s just no legal basis for those charges,” Attisano told the newspaper in December. “The law is very clear that it means a physical harm or an attempt at physical harm.”