Music Moves to the Next Level

Cranberry High School students embrace their experience at District 3 Chorus. (By Preston Yoder/Cranberry choir director)

Student contributor

Eight Cranberry High School students traveled to the District 3 Chorus Festival at United High School in Armagh, Pennsylvania, last weekend to compete against several area schools.

Students selected by Cranberry Choir Director Preston Yoder include seniors Michael Gunn, Joe Gunn, Trevor Gladin, Trey Wright, Eben Wry, Chris Smith, Jenna Seigworth, Saige Slater, and Rachel Bell.

The most challenging part of districts was, “preparing. There were a lot of late nights,” said Trevor Gladin, one of the students in attendance.

Rachel Bell jokingly added that the most difficult part was, “being right next to the choir director. He hits your folder.”

That being said, the students seemed to really enjoy themselves.

At the beginning of the festival, students have to audition for a chair placement in the choir. The audition is a practiced piece that students have worked on weeks prior. Students then receive new music at the event that they practice within the few days they have and then perform on the final night of the competition.

First through tenth chair will continue on to perform at the regional competition next month.

This year, five out of the nine seniors will go on to represent Cranberry at the next competition.

The placements for the five students continuing on are: Michael Gunn, 2nd chair tenor 2; Joe Gunn, 8th chair tenor 2; Trevor Gladin, 6th chair bass 2; Eben Wry, 4th chair bass 2; and Trey Wright, 1st chair bass. 2.

Gladin looks forward to “learning more about my voice and myself and taking music to the next level” at regionals in the next few weeks.

Michael Gunn, who will be attending his second regionals this year, is excited for “the first warm up.”

The students mentioned how it is special for the students to get together and perform with for the first time.

When asked about the overall experience at districts, Gladin stated, “I enjoyed getting together with kids who have the same drive towards music that we do.” He went on to say, “It was nice meeting so many good-natured people.”

Trey Wright, one of the students heading to regionals, said that there was only one thing to remember above all, “#1stYear1stChair!”

Regionals will take place Feb. 27-29, where Cranberry’s five hopefuls will compete for a spot in States.


Kristen Hogue is a student at Cranberry High School and a member of Cranberry Chronicles, the school’s journalism/publications class.