Oil City Students Take on Challenge of Being a Senator For a Day

Photo by Jennifer Mosher-Johnson
Student contributor

Select students at Oil City Senior High School traveled to PennWest-Clarion University to get a small glimpse into the big world of being a senator.

The event consisted of students from various high schools who were split into different groups to discuss a multitude of bills. Each group was placed under a certain area of interest, such as education, transportation, health, judicial, state government, communication, and technology. This gave the students an opportunity to not only work with and amend bills but also to push their minds and see the viewpoints of their fellow classmates.

After the groups worked together to amend their bills, they presented their work to the rest of their classmates. The students shared their amendments and thoughts on the bill. Then they came to a resolution on whether to pass or kill the bill.

Due to the attendance of Pennsylvania Sen. Scott E. Hutchinson and other state political figures, the students were able to handle these processes like our state senators and other politicians, thus teaching the students about the hard work that goes into the decision-making of our state.


Alex Power is a student at Oil City High School and a member of the school’s Oiler News staff. Jennifer Mosher-Johnson is the journalism teacher at Oil City High school.