Oil Heritage Festival art show winners announced

Winners of the Oil Heritage Festival art shows have been announced.

The adult show featured 158 pieces from 61 artists, and the children’s art show featured 122 pieces from 46 artists.

The show was a well-attended event at the National Transit Building and at Graffiti Gallery in the Transit Annex.

The judges for the main show were Ann Holmes of Ligonier and Brother Mark Floreanini of the Saint Vincent Archabbey.

Marie Krautz of Oil City was the judge for the children and young adult show.

Adult show

Graphics/mixed media (professional): Margaret Brostrom, first place; CJ Hurley, second place; Debra A. Lee, third place.

Graphics/mixed media (intermediate): Cheri Pearce, first and second place; Bryan Schwab Jr., third place

Watercolor/pastel (professional): Debra Lee, first place; Rachel Griffin, second place; Judy Slater, third place.

Watercolor/pastel (amateur): David Frantz, first and second place.

Fiber arts (professional): Pam Johnson, first and third place; Karlene Johnson, second place.

Fiber arts (amateur): Shirley Wygant, first place; Michelle Knoch, second place; Cheri Pearce, third place; Deanna Caldwell, honorable mention.

Oil and acrylics (professional): DJ Lander, first and third place; Sue Padalino, second place; DJ Lander, third place; George Cooley and Paul Wittreich, honorable mention.

Oil and acrylics (amateur): Ashley Ramos, first place and second place; Sally Szabat, third place.

Photography (professional): Kyle Yates, first and second place; Patricia Mould, third place.

Photography (amateur): Josh Taylor, first, second and third place; Tara Heath and Alyson Schiffer, honorable mention.

3D (professional): Arnita Force, first place; Joshua Campbell, second place and honorable mention; Carol McDonald, third place.

3D (amateur): Joanne McDowell, first place; Michelle Knoch, second place.

Young adult and children’s show

Graphics/drawing/mixed media (children-elementary): Taylor Felix, first place; Britynn Snow, second place; Helena Burkett, third place; Daymian Goodman, honorable mention.

Photography (children- elementary): Magdalene Burkett, first place; Matthew Myers, second place; Emily Russell, third place.

3D (children-elementary): Charlotte Hepler, first place; Elizabeth Kolesar, second place; Henry Kolesar, third place; Ansley Svolos, honorable mention.

Painting (children-elementary): Britynn Snow, first place; Maddison Hudson, second place; Elizabeth Kolesar, third place.

Graphics/drawing/mixed media(children-middle school): Samantha Faulk, first place; Sara Kuntz, second place; William Kolesar, third place.

Photography (children- middle school): Haley Myers, first and third place; Sara Kuntz, second place.

3D (children-middle school): Cecilia Burkett, first place; Samantha Faulk, second place; Penelope Hepler, third place.

Painting (children- middle school): Mia Scott, first place; Paris Close, second place; Madison Salvo, third place.

Graphics/drawing/mixed media (young adult): Grace Ecklund first place; Hannah Lewis, second place; Ava Carr, third place.

Photography (young adult): Anna Campbell-Sowden, first and third place; Anissa Weller, second place and honorable mention.

3D (young adult): Anna Campbell-Sowden first place, John B. Wheeler, second place; Margaret Kolesar, third place.

Paining (young adult): Grace Ecklund, first place; Gabrielle Garmong, second place; Lily Rice, third place; Ali Shepard, honorable mention.