Strawberry Delight opens today; repairs after crash finished

An ice cream stand that has been a fixture at the intersection of routes 62 and 157 for decades reopens today following a multi-month effort to repair some $60,000 in damages.

Strawberry Delight, a Cranberry Township business owned by Cindy Baughman, was badly damaged Feb. 13 when a truck slid on the icy roadway and crashed into the side of the building.

“At first, I thought it was just damage to the outside and didn’t think it was too bad,” said Baughman. “Then I looked closer and it was much worse.”

The impact lifted the entire building foundation and as the truck spun, it crashed into the kitchen area where Baughman said “every stud was ripped out.”

Initially, the owner considered rebuilding Strawberry Delight but opted instead to repair it. Along with the essential repairs, a complete re-wiring of the building was done, too.

“It is all fixed now and, thankfully, the driver was not injured in the crash,” said Baughman.

Strawberry Delight, a business Baughman leased for three years and then purchased last year, lists an employee roster of 11. In addition to ice cream and related desserts, the business also offers lunches, dinners and beverages.

New to the site, too, is a canopy with picnic tables at the rear.

Strawberry Delight, a seven-day-a-week business, will feature an Easter egg hunt for children at 2 p.m. today on the premises.

“It was a big repair project but I am absolutely looking forward to a good year. I’m excited,” said Baughman.