Survey starts today for Oak Street residents in OC

From staff reports

The City of Oil City will begin conducting demographic surveys today for a street reconstruction project on the entire length of Oak Street in conjunction with its Community Development Block Grant program.

The city said that to determine grant eligibility, federal regulations associated with the program require a demographic survey be conducted on all families benefiting from the reconstruction project.

A 100% response rate is required.

Unless every household responds, this project’s eligibility for federal CDBG funding can’t be assessed, the city said.

The city will not, under any circumstances, ask residents to report their income.

The one-page survey will ask residents to indicate their family size and whether their gross annual family income is above or below the corresponding figures for a family of that size.

All information collected will remain strictly confidential and will be used only for the purposes of grant administration, the city said.

If residents haven’t responded by the Dec. 2 deadline, the city will follow up with phone calls and door-to door visits to gather the necessary information for non-respondents.

Any questions regarding the survey may be directed to the city’s Community Development Department at (814) 678-3017.


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