The Apple Sculpture at Clarion University

The Clarion Call report
Clarion University

Walking through the Clarion University Campus is a treat when passing the famous apple sculpture near the center of campus. The Apple’s location is right on the lawn of the Gruenwald Center for Science and Technology, which is a prime location, seen by students walking around campus in-between classes.

The Apple sculpture saw its debut on Sept. 7, 2013, when it was brought to the campus by the Clarion Students’ Association (CSA) collaborating with the Traditions Council. Students took to the sculpture as a new canvas to express their thoughts and promote various organizations and events.

Painting The Apple is a very popular activity and is in high demand. Messages typically do not even remain on The Apple for twenty-four hours before a new message arrives.

The Apple was funded through the CSA Special Projects Fund. It was put in place to honor the Clarion University’s long-standing commitment to education since its founding as the Clarion Seminary in 1867. The intention of The Apple is for it to be used/painted by Clarion University Students, Registered Student Organizations and Registered University Organizations to promote said organizations and various activities.

The Apple has rules, even though it appears to be fair game. According to CSA, “Content is not restricted unless messages posted contain obscene, libelous material, hate speech or information in direct violation of federal, state or local law.”

There is a continuation of the sidewalk that wraps around The Apple. The sidewalk should not be painted; however, it is understood that paint could and does get spilled. The sidewalk around The Apple can be chalked but cannot be painted as per the policy for every other sidewalk around Clarion University’s campus. Climbing on or even just trying to sit on The Apple is prohibited.

The Apple is a fun and creative way for students to spread awareness for clubs and share announcements along with event information. A popular example of when The Apple gets painted is when Campus Fest is being announced by UAB; that is always a fun announcement.

The Apple is an eye catcher and sees so much foot traffic around it every day. Consider giving The Apple a look and even giving it an artistic flair of your own.