The Puppy Post: A Community Partnership

Photos by Ava Fischer/Student Contributor

By Cranberry Chronicles staff

Journalism tells stories and speaks for those who sometimes don’t have a voice. In searching for a community partnership, our Journalism class decided to join with the efforts of our local Humane Society in Seneca.

We think it is important to promote dogs who are surrendered for various reasons: neglect, surrender, or stray, sometimes found wandering around in terrible condition.

The Humane Society takes them in, helps them heal, and finds forever homes for these animals.

Each Wednesday, a student team of journalists goes to the shelter to take pictures and get information on the dogs. The information is then transferred to the “Puppy Post” in hopes that more people will see these animals.

Visit our Puppy Post page to see the dogs who need a home, and, please, continue to adopt, not shop!


Cranberry Chronicles is Cranberry High School journalism/publications group.