Venango County residents will join March for Life in Harrisburg

A group of local residents will travel by bus from Franklin to join the Pennsylvania March for Life in Harrisburg on Monday.

The march has been organized to speak out against laws allowing abortion in Pennsylvania.

“It is an important cause to fight for and with everything changing in our current political culture this is the time to take a stand,” said Caleb McCarthy, who is serving as the bus captain for the group.

A rally will be held at 11 a.m. Monday featuring speakers Abby Johnson, Ryan Bomberger, Jeanne Mancini, and Michael Geer. After the rally, participants will march around the state capitol building.

Sept. 27 was chosen as the date for the march since it is the first day when both the Pennsylvania House and Senate will be back in session.

“It gives us a chance to represent our area, Venango County, when it comes to matters like this,” said McCarthy. “It is a chance for people from a small town to make an impact, an opportunity for people to stand for life.”

McCarthy said 28 people have signed up to travel on the bus, which will leave from the Knights of Columbus building at 1436 Liberty St. at 5:15 a.m. Monday. The bus has been paid for, which means participants can travel to Harrisburg for free.

McCarthy said there is still room on the bus.

“There is always impact in numbers. The more people who come, the more of an impact we have to make,” he said. “If this is a cause you fight for, then fight for it now.”

People interested in joining the group can contact McCarthy at (814) 282-1228 or at