Vintage motorcycle club revved for run

The Allegheny Mountain chapter of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America will begin its annual motorcycle run in Oil City on Sunday.

The bikers will depart for their ride at 10 a.m. from the Days Inn, 1 Seneca St.

Paul Greenwood, the run’s organizer, said the event is a chance for vintage motorcycle enthusiasts to get together.

“This year we decided to go up into the southern area of the Allegheny National Forest. It’s just a bunch of old guys like me, most of us are retired age, we have antique bikes and we get together and ride our bikes,” he said.

According to club’s website, the nonprofit describes itself as devoted to the “preservation, restoration and operation of old-time motorcycles.”

Greenwood and many others like him in his chapter prefer traversing the moutainous scenery of western Pennsylvania back roads over dealing with big city traffic any day.

“We’re not your average motorcyclists, we’re not looking at going to big rallies with a lot of beer and a lot of people,” he said. “We’re just looking to go into the country and away from the big cities, we’re looking for back roads to ride our old bikes.”

Restoring antique vehicles requires knowledge of old parts and access to them, and the chapter helps members with maintenance and finding parts for their vintage bikes.

“The big thing that gathers us together is information. Most of us work on our own motorcycles, so it helps to gather people with similar interests,” Greenwood said.

The organization holds runs and swap meets regularly, allowing members who otherwise might not see each other to meet up and trade parts and ride.

To put it more simply.

“It’s a chance to get together,” Greenwood said.

Greenwood said spectators are invited as the bikers take off from the Days Inn. Visitors can expect to see vintage bikes from Harley-Davidson and Indian, but those won’t be the only bikes.

“It’s open to any brand of motorcycle as long as it’s at least 35 years old,” he said.