Where the water is

Seagulls perch on some posts in Conneaut, Ohio.

Last week involved a trip to Conneaut, Ohio, the Pymatuning spillway and of course the daily walks around the neighbor’s pond. The heat brought out more bugs, the good and the bad. Many more butterflies and dragonflies were seen. Unfortunately, the deer flies, horse flies and mosquitoes were also out in full force.


Seagulls leave their perches in Conneaut, Ohio.



And of course, Buford and Sherman enjoyed the beaches of Lake Erie in Conneaut, Ohio.



Carp fight for a bit of bread at the Pymatuning spillway.



A mallard couple shares a moment at the Pymatuning spillway.



A chalk-fronted corporal dragonfly enjoys the sun at a Pinegrove Township pond.



A male common yellowthroat at a Pinegrove Township pond.



More irises were showing their colors last week.



A tiger swallowtail butterfly on a fern. More blossoms meant more butterflies last week.

Crazy Critters



Sherman checks out the rhododendron blossoms.



After raiding the bird feeder, this little chipmunk promptly buried his seeds in a potted plant.


(Anna Applegate is a newsroom staffer at The Derrick and The News-Herald. She manages the Good Times. She can be emailed at bigdogs.thederrick@gmail.com)