Camp Lejeune Justice Act Informational Update

Veterans and family members seeking to file lawsuits because of water contamination at Camp Lejeune have only months left to do so. The VFW has partnered with trusted law firms to help those seeking to file suit against the government. BMBF Law and Bergman & Moore are here to help affected individuals. Section 804 of the PACT Act (P.L. 117- 168), the Camp Lejeune Justice Act of 2022, allows that individuals may qualify if they resided, worked or were otherwise exposed (including in utero) to the ground water at Camp Lejeune for not less than 30 days during the period from Aug. 1, 1953, to Dec. 31,1987; and have been diagnosed with a cancer, serious illness or numerous other health conditions, including neurological, kidney and liver diseases, miscarriages, infertility and birth defects/cognitive disabilities in children. Your condition does not have to be on the VA presumptive list or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry to file a claim. Surviving family members may pursue claims on behalf of deceased loved ones.

VFW National Home

The National Home was founded in 1925 as a place where the families left behind by war could remain together. Today’s families face different challenges and the National Home has evolved over decades to meet those needs. The community is open to the families of active duty military personnel, veterans and relatives of VFW and VFW Auxiliary members. Families may consist of one or both parents with one or more children. If your family needs help, contact the helpline by calling (800) 313-4200.

VA Sexual Assault and Harassment Report Hotline

Veterans can call (800) MYVA411 (1-800-698-2411, option 9) to report sexual assault or sexual harassment at VA facilities. The call center is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Veterans, their families, caregivers and survivors are encouraged to report any incident of sexual harassment or sexual assault as soon as it occurs while still at the VA facility. These incidents can be reported directly to VA police, VA staff, local law enforcement or by calling the hotline.

POW/MIA Update

Army Cpl. Frank V. Benak, 24, of Scottsville, Michigan, was assigned to Cannon Company, 128th Infantry Regiment, 32nd Infantry Division. He was reported as missing in action on Dec. 5, 1942. He will be buried on April 13, 2024, in Miami, Florida.

Army Capt. Erik F. Yde, 32, of San Francisco, California, was a member of Headquarters, Headquarters Battery, 503rd Field Artillery Battalion. He died while a prisoner of war in June 1951. He will be buried in Walnut Creek, California, on April 29, 2024.

Mess Attendant 3rd Class David Walker, 19, of Norfolk, Virginia, was assigned to the battleship USS California, which was moored at Ford Island, Pearl Harbor. He will be buried on Sept. 5, 2024, at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia.

Till next week, praying for all service members.


– Charles Castelluccio