Berries are Back!

(By Gillian White)

Alaina Olson, a junior at Cranberry High School, works on her Chromebook in the library. (By Gillian White/Student contributor)

Student contributors

For the first time since the virus struck, Cranberry Area School District was able to start up normally.

On Aug. 30, students flocked the halls eager and excited for what the year will bring.

Restrictions have been lifted allowing closer interactions between classmates. This year, the school has instilled more activities to benefit the students that involve building community.

While many are dreading the stress that may come with assignments, senior Ellabay Perry has expressed her excitement for what the year has to hold, “I love being back and having a schedule now. Even though it’s different, I can get used to the change.”

Free to experience high school as it was a couple years ago, it is safe to say that exciting events and opportunities will occur and be offered for all students and staff in the 2022-2023 school year.

Cranberry High School students pack up at the end of class. (By Gillain White)

Breann Clark, a senior at Cranberry High School, discusses a class project. (By Gillian White)


Ady Carter and Gillian White are students at Cranberry High School and members of Cranberry Chronicles, the school’s journalism/publications class.