‘Berry’ Many Changes

Senior students are allowed to paint the parking lot. (By Ady Carter/Student contributor)

Student contributors

Cranberry Area High school has made several changes for the start of the 2022-23 school year. These alterations have changed the entire schedule and rules. 

Where Study Period was previously, the Character Strong program is now. Every Wednesday, starting Sept. 14, pairs of teachers host an activity promoting kindness and teamwork in their respective rooms for all grade levels within the high school. This exercise has been implemented to support students’ character development and, in doing so, assist them in the future. 

The new assistant principal, Kayla Loll, has expressed her support of the program: “I’m excited for Cranberry students to learn more about each other’s experiences, and learn to support each other through open conversations.”

There are several changes to the school schedule affecting students. One change that only affects upperclassmen is senior parking spots. The senior class were able to paint and personalize their very own parking spaces. This is the first time Cranberry has offered this event. Seniors are required to pay $25, as well as provide identification information and a brief sketch. 

Rules are being enforced more strictly to keep everyone on task. Students are not allowed to have their phones out in classrooms, even in study halls. Also, a new way of signing in and out of class has been added. Students now have to fill out a google form on a classroom computer. 

Each new change considered, Cranberry has used every means possible to improve the quality of its education and the overall wellbeing of its students.

Journals were given to Cranberry High School students during the school-wide Character Strong program. (By Ady Carter/Student contributor)


Gillian White and Ady Carter are students at Cranberry High School and members of Cranberry Chronicles, the school’s journalism/publications class.