Candidates sparse for some races

From staff reports

Voters will pick their favorites for party endorsements in Venango County’s townships and boroughs in the May 21 primary election.

In several cases, though, there is a dearth of candidates vying for municipal posts. The lack of candidates is dramatic in some instances.

For example, Victory Township has openings for all three of its township supervisor posts at one for six years, one for four years and one for two years. In Polk Borough, four council seats are up for election. No one filed petitions for any of those slots.

There are exceptions, though, according to nomination petitions filed this week in the county election office.

A listing of seven candidates are vying for party nods to five seats on the Franklin school board. There are a handful, too, of supervisor races in the townships.

Two ballot questions

Surprisingly, voters in two boroughs filed petitions to have a liquor question put on the spring ballot.

Barkeyville and Utica residents are asking for public support for granting liquor licenses in the boroughs.

The Barkeyville petition was signed by 21 voters while the Utica petition listed 39 signatures.

Here is a listing of municipal and school board candidates whose names will be listed on the May 21 ballots.


The following candidates are running for supervisor posts:


Democrat – Joseph C. Dailey


Republican – Robert Kellogg, Roger G. Patterson

Democrat – Mark McDowell


Republican – (6-year) Michael L. Steadman

Democrat – (2-year) Benjamin T. Porter


Republican – Richard A. Balas


Republican – Matthew McSparren


Republican – Terry A. McCarty, Jeremy Hoover


Democrat – Gregory L. Miller


Republican – (6-year) Russell W. Coyne; (4-year) Mark E. Mitchell


Republican – Frank G. Krizinsky Jr.


Republican – Glenn F. Speer

Oil Creek

Republican – Keith E. Armstrong


Republican – Rick Ehrhart


Republican – Steven Sterling, Lewis A. Bickel Jr.


Democrat – Frank A. Machokas, John W. Bailey


Republican – Thomas E. Best


Republican – Charles S. Vernam


Republican – Herbert Jankovich

No one filed petitions for supervisor in Allegheny, Scrubgrass and Victory townships.



Council – (4)

Democrats – William Coursen, Alvin D. Patton, Warren D. Whetzel Jr., David Bruce Howard


Council – (3)

Republicans – Becky L. Hedglin, Michael L. Sandrock, Catherine Bolinger; (2-year) Joseph Edward Kelly Jr.

Also, Mary M. Kelley is running for a Republican tax collector nod in Shiipenville.


Council – (2)

Democrat – Bonnie Tologo, Jane Beach


Council – (4)

Republican – Walter Sam Turk, Paul Calderone Jr., Timothy S. Kriebel, Paul S. Kentzel


Council – (2)

Democrat – Harvey Long, Kathleen A. McMunn


Council – (4)



Council – (2)

Republican – Shawn B. Sponenburgh, Stephen Kelly

Democrat – (2-year) Joseph Long


Council – (2)

Republican – (2nd District) Bogan Goughler

Republican – (3rd District) Matt Carlson

Democrat – (3rd District) Howard A. Barger

In Utica Borough, no petitions were filed for two counsil seats.

School boards

Although most candidates cross-filed on both the Republican and Democratic tickets, a few opted to appear on only one ballot in the primary election.

Cranberry (5)

Republican – Ken Brannon, Mark Marterella

Franklin (5)

Republican – Donald Judy, Misty Nalepa, Judson Andy Boland, Erin Leccia, Sabrina Backer, Marcia Patton, Cheryl Ferry

Democrat – Nalepa, Boland, Backer, Patton, Ferry

Oil City (4)

Republican – James A. Disque, Angella Scalise, Shari Neely, Stephen Kelley

Democrat – Disque, Scalise, Neely

Valley Grove (5)

Republican – Todd Wetjen, Debra L. Brink, Cindy Shearer Swendsen, Susan Bialo, Brandon Winger

Democrat – Brink, Bialo, Winger.